What No One Ever Told You About How to Get Clients to Come to You

Discover the secrets of escaping “vendor land” so you can stop chasing clients and start attracting them. In The Client Attraction Black Book, you’ll see how to engineer a way of thinking, speaking and acting that gets the clients to come to you!

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“Your Course Kicks Ass!!”

…By far, the BEST advice and the best gift I gave myself was to purchase your course…”

-Diane Aksten

I love all your material – I’m slowly transforming my consciousness into a “big self consciousness.” I tend to fall back into that “small me” mindset but your daily Client Letter reminds me and jolts me into the mindset of “not being needy” to one of bringing “My Best Self to Life” everyday. I love the outstanding response and miracles and breakthroughs that I get by being energized by the ideas you shared [...]” I have underrated my landscape design service because of the suffering economy and I bought into that “scarcity mindset.” My business is thriving now because of you contribution you’ve brought to my life. Thank you Jason.


Great job on the book.

It contains all of the lessons Gary Halbert tried to teach me in our year and a half together from his 30 years experience of working with clients.

Dan Gallapoo “Doberman Dan”
Direct Response Entrepreneur, Copywriter and Consultant

Holy crap! This is seriously good stuff. Dangerously good. I wish I knew half of it when I first started out as a freelance copywriter. It would have saved me so many hassles and headaches… And a ton of money, too. Good work, Jason. I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s serious about business. Any service provider, freelancer, marketer, or sales rep — in short, anyone who has to deal with clients — should read this report.

Michel Fortin
Copywriter, Marketer, Consultant

As the founder of Workaholics4Hire.com, I’ve been directly responsible for selling well over 5 million dollars in services. Translation? I have learned a thing or two about working with clients over the years! And if I could turn back time and have a “do-over”, I would have read every word [...] printed it out, used a bright pink highlighter, and I likely would have raked in at least three times the money as a result.

Why? Because Jason Leister has compiled the best list of actionable advice for freelancers I have ever read, and if I had known back then what I know now, I would not have wasted countless hours trying desperately to please clients who completely devalued everything my staff and I did for them. This book provides amazing advice about how to become a service provider worthy of earning top dollar. With the advice from this book, you will know exactly how to deal with the “why can’t you do it cheaper?” question.

Endless all-nighters and tearful working weekends could have been avoided if I had known these valuable strategies for dealing with all types of clients. Get this book now, while you still have your sanity! Trust me on this one. Your service business and family will thank you for it!

ps. I can count on only one hand how many “testimonials” I have provided for products over the years. I write them only for products that deserve to be praised.

Sylvie Fortin
Workaholics4Hire.com Inc.

Every freelancer should read this report BEFORE they start accepting clients. And then re-read it again after they’ve had a few. Taking a couple hours to do this could easily save smart freelancers from getting ripped off and spinning their wheels with deadbeat clients.

Ryan Healy

“I’ve been working without a safety-net as a freelance marketing strategist / copywriter for the past 6-years. When it comes to dealing with clients I’ve had to learn everything the hard way. I’ve made mistakes. Lost money. Been ripped off. Got my head kicked in emotionally. And had to pick myself up off the floor more times than is healthy. So I can attest to the veracity and TRUTH of all [...] reality checks in your book [...]. This book is what I call a head-straightener book and should be required reading for any freelancer who lives and dies by their wits and the value they can bring to the table. Even experienced freelancers should take a good cold-hard look [...] They may not like what they see — but sometimes the TRUTH hurts like a bitch!”

Michael Silk
Copywriter, Marketing Strategist