“Jason’s Incomparable Expert was so insightful and brilliantly strategic that we hired him on in an ongoing advisory role.”

-Jeff Paro and Roberto Monaco

I needed to differentiate my business from thousands of competitors, and spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. I had a basic concept, but it didn’t get my prospects very excited – too much business jargon that just didn’t hit home. Jason took my ideas and came out with the perfect wording for it – compelling and easy to understand. Even though my business is highly technical, I can get my value across quickly and easily, and have a much easier time explaining what I do.

-Phillip Theriault

Simply Paradigm Shifting

“In business school, my professors all threw the term ‘paradigm shift’ around a lot. I later found out it’s a fancy word for saying (in Reddit-speak) ‘mind blown.’ A way to separate the ‘before’ of an event/encounter from the ‘after’.

Jason’s thoughts and materials are simply paradigm shifting. He preaches a certain worldview that is refreshingly liberating. Heads up though: Jason’s stuff are not for the faint-hearted, the needy, or the wimpy operator.

If you’re willing to consider that perhaps, just perhaps, you currently might not have all the answers, then get in, click your seat belt and prepare for the ride of your life with Jason.

Your clients and business will thank you.”


“Your Course Kicks Ass!!”

…By far, the BEST advice and the best gift I gave myself was to purchase your course…”

-Diane Aksten

Didn’t Even Read the Salesletter

“To be honest I just buy ANYTHING you come out with without question.

I assumed it was new and didn’t even read the sales letter. I just hit the “order” button without reading a word.

That speaks to how much trust I have in you and how good your products are.

Keep the money and feel free to use this story/testimonial in your marketing.”

-The Customer Who Bought the Same Product Twice

Your Emails Rock

“I have to tell you…YOUR EMAILS ROCK. Seriously, this is awesome stuff. Do you plan to put these emails into some sort of product format? Such as an e-book, or something I can read on my Kindle? I’d like to read these emails again, in another format, and I’d be willing to pay for it too. Anyway, this is great stuff, and almost too good to giveaway in my opinion (though I certainly do love that I’m getting them!)”

-Ryan McGrath

I Was Amazed and Grateful

“Jason’s Leister has mastered the ‘Art of Clients’ because it is actually very simple and logical. However, I do not think the way he does – but I am starting too – even though it is simple and logical. By his own admission – he is the school of hard knocks. ‘Art of Clients’ is timeless wisdom. I read each one thoroughly and have running notes to keep my head screwed on straight.

As a service provider, it is easy to get caught up in “forest for the trees” mentality, where we don’t see nor understand the bigger picture.

Hansel & Gretel laid a trail of breadcrumbs so they could eventually get out of the forest. Jason leaves a trail of breadcrumbs leading you into the forest one-by-one to the trees, which soon come into focus and so you are never lost. In fact, you are on the same path but passing different trees in the forest to your pot of gold. In reading “Art of Clients’ it is easy to say – I have seen this tree before, but that is what happens when you are on the same path. Yet, the genus of the tree will be slightly different.

Additionally, Jason provided a 30 minute marketing consolation and his perspective was 100% different than mine. I was looking at the forest and Jason focused on one single tree. He was 100% correct and thus I won, too! I was amazed and grateful.”

Peace & best wishes…

Tom Hackim
Catholic Steward ~ Teacher ~ Writer

Right Up There Among the Finest In The World

“Thank you Jason for the great info. I have been following your stuff for a while and during that period I have had my eyes opened and am seeing all the mistakes that I have been making in my business and as a result I have been able to increase my profits by well over 1000%, not to mention my efficiency and especially the results I have provided my clients. I actually forward your stuff to my wife as at times, it sounds like you’re describing me in your emails!

Having studied many $2000-$25,000 programs from some of the most elite consultants, marketers and copywriters, I have a pretty good understanding of what good education is, and the content I have received from your free daily newsletter alone is on the same level as many of those courses and puts you right up there among the finest in the world.

It has been my privilege to have come across your material, keep on with the good work you do. I look forward to more.

Thank you Jason,”

[Name Withheld to Protect Privacy]
Toronto, ON

I Signed Up Immediately

“I only subscribe to a few marketing/biz email newsletters. Dan Kennedy, Brain Tracy, Larry Winget, Perry Marshall and yours. I save the emails and have the computer read them to me while I exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

I was catching up on The Client Letter this morning and thinking: ‘This is such good advice (some of it better than the ebook I bought from him). Jason won’t be able to keep on doing this for free. Universal laws don’t allow something of value to be received without value being given back.’

I was afraid you’d just stop doing them one day. Instead, I’m glad to see you’re charging for it. And I’m happy to pay. I signed up immediately.”

[Name Withheld to Protect Privacy]
Professional Copywriter
Ontario, Canada